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Executive/Head Chef in United States


  • Start Date: 1st Aug 2024
  • Job ID #2369018
  • Posted: 10th Jul 2024 by Bespoke Crew

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Job Summary:

A couple with three children is seeking an experienced and professional Traveling Chef. The ideal candidate will prepare healthy, nutritious meals, with a focus on catering to one of the principal's specific dietary needs due to a health condition. This role requires extensive travel, sometimes at short notice, and the ability to adapt to various environments and culinary preferences.

Key Responsibilities:

Meal Planning and Preparation:

Develop and prepare healthy, balanced meals tailored to the dietary needs of the principal with a specific health condition.

Create meal plans that accommodate the entire family's preferences and dietary restrictions.

Ensure using fresh, high-quality ingredients, emphasizing organic and locally sourced produce where possible.

Nutritional Expertise:

Stay informed about the latest nutritional guidelines and health-supportive diets.

Collaborate with healthcare professionals to ensure the principal's diet supports their treatment and overall well-being.

Continuously adapt and refine meal plans based on the principal's health and feedback.

Travel Management:

Plan and organize all aspects of kitchen operations while traveling, including sourcing ingredients in various locations.

Ensure all necessary cooking equipment and ingredients are available and maintained.

Adapt to different kitchens and cooking environments seamlessly.

Family Catering:

Prepare meals and snacks for the children, considering their preferences and nutritional needs.

Accommodate any special requests or dietary requirements from family members and guests.

Maintain a clean and organized kitchen at all times, adhering to health and safety standards.

Confidentiality and Discretion:

Maintain strict confidentiality and demonstrate a high level of discretion at all times.

Handle sensitive information with the utmost care and professionalism.


  • Vessel TypeShore Based Position
  • Charter/PrivatePrivate
  • Position TypePermanent Position
  • Current LocationUnited States
  • Cruising ItineraryLocal Area
  • Yachting Experience0 - 6 months
  • Posted 10th Jul 2024 by Bespoke Crew

Language & Visas

  • VisasGreen Card (or US Citizen)


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