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Your first steps in a career on the water

Are you looking to commence a career in the yachting industry and want to know where to start?

To begin we recommend looking do as much research on the yachting industry as possible to help you understand the demands and expectations before going any further and seeing which department you would be interested in working in.

Once you have decided on the position you wish to apply for we recommended that you get your ENG1 Medical Certificate. This is to ensure you do not have a pre-existing medical condition that may prevent you from finding employment at sea. You can checkout our APPROVED DOCTORS on the website or look on the website below to find an approved doctor near to you.



The legal minimum requirement to work on any commercial vessel over 24m is the STCW Basic Safety training certification. Most, if not all private yachts hiring through agencies will expect you to have taken this training prior to commencing your search for work. Besides if you are going to work at sea wouldn’t you want to know the basic safety procedures in case of an emergency situation? You can visit the Yotspot COURSES area of the website where you can search for training near you.

What happens next?

Once you have completed your basic STCW safety training, having already done your research on which department you want to work in you will need to see if you need to take any further training.

For example if you are starting out on the deck then you need to consider taking the powerboat level 2 and PWC courses.

You will also need to put together a well thought-out CV, it is amazing how many CVs we see as recruiters missing a photo, not spellchecked, or more importantly not containing the right information. You can contact The Career Concierge to help you if you have any queries regarding this.

Once you are armed with your new qualifications and have prepped yourself on the industry you will need to travel to a yachting hub to commence your search for work.

Remember when considering a career on a luxury yacht, the competition is fierce so come primed, do your homework and be as proactive as you can while seeking your first position on board.

If you have questions we are here to help you on the road to success!

Wishing you the best of luck.

Written by Clare at The Career Concierge in conjunction with Yotspot.com

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