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You have to love what you are doing, isn't it ?

I have been workig for a long time as a Skincare Spesialist and i really LIKE it .

I enjoyed assisting customers and feeling that Im doing something really important for them, but (there is always 'but") there were lack of something .

Having a good friend of mine, who was always inviting me to the Stewardess life , I decided to have a risk and try !

My first 3 days on boat was kind of blurry, I was trying to remember everything what is under my responsibilities , i have to focus, memorize it fast and do it . So, within my first 3 days I experienced  different kind of emotions .

Leter on i started gettin feelings, that this where i wanna be, this is what i want to do amd this is what i LOVE .S

Staying on boat I got that precious  feeling of feedom and peace ! 

Finnaly I Love what im doing and i will work on it more !

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