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Why are experienced candidates hired ?

‘Recruiting’ and ‘Experienced Candidate’ are like synonyms in today’s world, especially in shipping. Be it commercial, cruise or yachting industry, every recruiter wants to hire an experienced sailor. The ‘Experience’ column is what catches the eye of the hiring manager rather than qualifications and skills. But we cannot blame them. If I would I have been a hiring manager, I would definitely be looking for an experienced candidate.

But when it comes to junior positions like Deckhand or Stewardess, I would have chosen a fresher with good qualifications. A sailor and a hiring manager obviously have a different perspective. But what is shocking is that even Captains are expecting experienced hands on deck. My previous Captain used to tell me that freshers are like ‘Fill in the Blanks’.  They have the knowledge, and skills required, all they need is experience. This experience will fill in the blanks and complete them. But if no one is willing to take in fresh candidates, how are we supposed to get experience?

I believe freshers have enthusiasm, craving for success and want to achieve wonders in work. They are easy to mold and quick learners. Employees are living assets of a company. Hiring young and qualified sailors will increase the chance of providing dedicated long term service to the company.

Unfortunately this is not what most of the people think. Everyone wants a bright red apple, but no one wants to sow the seed. There is so much to learn from fresh candidates. Optimism, self-belief, energy. You teach them, they will teach you right back.  No matter what the age is, we all have something important for others. I hope this article helps my sailor brothers who are qualified, have knowledge, skills and the right energy but are freshers like me, struggling to get a job due to lack of experience. If I can change even a single person’s mind to HIRE POTENTIAL, AND NOT EXPERIENCE, my mission is accomplished.

Wishing you a safe and exciting voyage.

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