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What should your CV photo look like?

Did someone say cheese?

Your CV photo is so important and yet, despite so many agencies advising on this subject they continue to see bad photographs on CVs.

Remember that your CV is your first sales tool. Believe me, no matter what skills your CV communicates; a poor photo will put your CV out of the running.

This needs to be an intentional photo for this specific purpose. No picking photos that you’re tagged in from Facebook during a great club night out where you think you look “hot” in the club with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other (GASP! Yes, we have seen this on CVs!). You may like that photo of yourself in your graduation gown next to Aunt Bertha but cropping her out and keeping a dated photo just looks like an amateur move. And please no selfies in the bathroom and no duckface! Ask someone to take your photo for you so you’re not all angled weird or your selfie stick is showing.

Your photo should be a passport style photo – but NOT your passport photo – and most definitely NOT a photo of your passport photo! What we mean simply is that the photo should ideally be a head and shoulders shot of you or from the torso up.

You should be simply dressed: clean and pressed blouse, button-down shirt or polo. Professional casual means no low-cut necklines or bare shoulders, ladies. And no bare shoulders for men either: no tank tops or going shirtless.

Jewellery should be minimal to none; preferably minimal on girls, none on boys.

Hairstyles should be kept conservative and hair should be of a natural hue: no skunk stripes, no pink to blue ombre hair please.

Lighting should be as natural as possible. Outside on a sunny day with a simple natural background behind you is best – think boats and water – not in front of your favourite comic store. Indoors against a plain wall is fine too if in a pinch.

No sunglasses! Employers want to see your beautiful baby blues, browns and gorgeous grays and greens or whatever colour your eyes are!

And for the gents – please, please, please – no five o’clock stubble shadows on the face! Most vessels have a clean-shaven policy aboard at all times. This is not a casual industry, everyone must look their best!

And finally . . .

SMILE! No one wants to hire someone with a mug shot photo that looks as if they’re facing possible jail time. Employers want friendly, approachable and confident crew. What’s the best way to convey this? Say cheese!

If you are in the South of France and are looking for a professional headshot then contact the talented Katie Jane Howson

Written by Clare from Yotspot & The Super yacht CV Company


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