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Trying to land that first job!!

I'm not sure about this whole blog thing but I just thought I would share my story...   I moved down from Falmouth, Cornwall, England nearly 2 weeks ago, to find work as a stewardess onboard a yacht this season.  It all happened so fast, and I left on a bit of an impulse if I'm honest!!  Some of my friends used words like 'brave and 'adventurous', whilst others used 'optimistic' followed by 'naieve'.. all of them were right!!  I felt I had no commitments keeping me in England, I had been single for 2 months, in between jobs, and the house I had just moved into I had to be out of in 6 weeks anyway.. so it seemed as good a time as any to take on a new and exciting adventure :-) It is far from a holiday being here in Cannes, with little money in the bank, it is defin...

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