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Brexit? What a load of Scallops!

Last week a deal was finally reached to bring peace between the two sides of the British channel. Hostile French fisherman attacked British boats with insults, rocks, smoke pellets, and petrol bombs at the end of August just twelve nautical miles off the coastal stretch of Normandy. A tense two weeks later and all has been resolved. Although boat captains have vowed to fight back should they find themselves in the same treacherous waters. Although an agreement has been drawn up it has yet to be signed. Captain Anthony Quesnel, returned to land after a night at sea with almost a tonne of Sole, Plaice, and Mackerel. But alas, abiding by the French rules and regulations, there wasn't a scallop in site. This is due to their breeding season which will last until the beginning of O...

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Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion

There's been a buzz in Bristol harbor this week, with the surprise arrival of the 68m superyacht Archimedes, named after the most-famous mathematician and inventor in ancient Greece. Quite a surprise for local residents who spotted her glossy (and ice-strengthened to withstand any weather conditions!) Corinthian blue hull gliding up the 10k river Avon last Sunday. The towering yacht reported to be worth £75million and weighing in at 1,100 tonnes has been sitting in stark contrast to the city's docks.  With crowds gathering ever since she docked, some angry at the extravagance it represents, bearing placards in protest and some in awe of its beauty. Owned by 80-year-old US billionaire, philanthropist, and supporter of young people's health and e...

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On Board Triathlon Training

    Yotspot caught up with GB triathlete and veteran superyacht captain Paul Edmonds to find out how he successfully juggled keeping fit with demanding superyacht shifts.   Yotspot: How long were you working on superyachts? I spent 9 years onboard five of the world's most beautiful superyachts (from 75ft to 220ft). Traveling from Europe to the Caribbean, crossing the Atlantic several times, working my way up from Junior Deckhand to First Officer and then Captain. Yotspot: Were you always interested in exercise? Yes, but to a lesser extent whilst on yachts, it's difficult maintaining regular training when you're working a long shift and juggling haphazard working patterns. As I progressed through the ranks and gained more experience I realised I ...

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The simplicity of a stylish electric tender

  A beautifully simple and silent new electric tender, the Q30 has recently been unveiled by Finnish shipyard Q-Yachts, the "Tesla of the seas." Boasting zero emissions, the Q30 is a silent vessel, not only designed with fuel efficiency and the environment in mind but also designed as a simple yet stylish way to travel. Q-Yachts wanted to deliver a vessel that would enable passengers to really enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the water without the noise and fumes associated with motorboats.  With a cruising speed of 10 knots the Q30 is by no means a speed machine, however, the basic battery pack facilitates constant cruising for around five hours, which can be doubled with an additional battery pack. Whilst typically modern motorboats are all about perform...

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French Social Security Clarification

The French authorities have provided official clarification regarding social security payments for yacht crew. The document, provided in French and English, has answered the question of how French residency is determined (more than 6 months in total during a 12 month period), and also specifies that time spent in the shipyard does not count towards the days you have spent in France / French waters.  It also confirms that you do not need to subscribe to ENIM if you can show that you have suitable equivalent insurance from a different provider in place. Clarifications on the application of article L 5551-1of the (French) Transport CodeJune 2018 Duration considered: The regular and continuous length of residency, within the meaning of Article L 5551-1, can be ...

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Crew Houses & Accommodation

Where to stay and how to get work! As with any accommodation around the world, crew houses can vary hugely in quality, cleanliness and availability.  Some book up really quickly, some meet crew standards, but there are a few which are hygienically challenged! Because there are so many yachting crew out there, some waiting longer for jobs to start, there's a greater demand for alternative accommodation options.  Crew quite rightly expect better value for money, improved standards so often club together and look at alternatives to the traditional 'crew houses', such as renting a house or apartment, camping out of town or having the flexibility of camper van hire.  Some just prefer the comfort and convenience of a hotel and if you're already armed w...

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Navigating the complexities of the B1/B2 Visa

Navigating the complexities of the B1B2 Visa If you're non-US yacht crew and looking to enter the US temporarily either for business or pleasure, you'll need to qualify for a B1B2 visa. Be warned though, you'll have to do a bit of hoop jumping to get through the various levels of US administration, before you can qualify. No matter where you go on US soil and water, there are rules to follow, fees to be paid and documents to be completed and submitted. Although there isn't a US visa specifically designed for the world of yachting, because by the very nature of the industry it appeals to those looking to move around, the B1B2 visa is the most appropriate for crew working (or job searching) on yachts. The US Department of State classify the B1/B2 as a visitor ...

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Is a job on a superyacht for you?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions's…. All you need to work on a superyacht is a willingness to learn, positive attitude, a love of hard work and most importantly a sense of adventure!  If you're up for a challenge and keen to travel, then working on one of the world's most beautiful sea faring vessels could be perfect for you. As superyacht crew recruiters we've put together just some of the questions we're frequently asked: What's a superyacht? Either a privately owned or chartered motor or sailing yacht, which could measure anything from 24m (80ft) up to 130m (420ft) in length.  Could be longer!  Superyachts can vary from those under sail to those automated or explorer type vessels with helipads and submarines on ...

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The Water Lily Napkin Fold. Tips for summer 2018.

Napkin Folds With access to Pinterest there are so many amazing napkin folds we can copy to create stunning place settings, adding real drama and wow factor to your dining table, but how on earth do you actually create them. Here's a step by step guide to creating one of the classic napkin designs. Top tip though, good quality, starched linen (preferably in a beautiful colour!) is a must, so your designs hold their shape, reduce creasing and look even more dramatic. The Water Lily Lay your square napkin out flat on a flat, clean surface Fold each of the four corners into the centre and press the creases flat Fold your new four corners into the centre and press the creases flat Hold your folds together and carefully turn the napkin over Fold each of the four corners into...

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