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Superyacht Water Toys 2016

Every year, companies are eager to promote their newest toy gadgets that will hopefully attract the rich and famous. Their best oppurtunity to do this is at the Monaco Yacht Show which is the main event where luxury yachts, yacht designers, high end manufacturers and the ultimate brokerage houses show their faces. Some of these toys have already been on the market but they have been updated and give 'water toys' a new unique look. Here are the top picks! 1. Killer Whale Seabreacher How would you like to ride inside of an Orca? This is the vessel of a beautiful whale that is actually similar in size and scale to the real thing. The seabreacher has a large tail, a more rounded off nose, new pectoral fins and a taller dorsal fin. The boat will now be able to do an 180 degree flip as the ...

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Billionaire Superyachts - What do they really look like?

1. Azzam Azzam is owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan who is the Emir of Abu Dhabi and UAE President of the United Arab Emirates. He is considered to be one of the world's wealthiest people as he has a net worth of around $15 billion. Azzam was built by the luxury yacht builder Lurssen for $400 million. She is a lengthy 180 metres (590 feet), can accommodate 36 guests in 18 cabins and 60 crew members in 30 cabins. She can navigate at speeds of more than 30 knots and is powered by two gas turbines and two diesel engines that have a total of 94,000 horse power. Azzam is also rumored to have a bulletproof master suite AND a missile defence system.                        &nbs...

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Motor Yacht A - The Bombproof Superyacht

  Motor Yacht A is one of the most famous yachts in the world and the most photographed. She was built by Blohm+Voss in Hamburg, is worth £225 million and is currently for sale as the Russian billionaire owner has decided it's time to upgrade to a new, custom-built vessel that will offer more space and will have the latest luxury and technology -- Sailing Yacht A which is currently being built by Nobiskrug in Kiel, has reportedly cost the owners $450 million to build.               Andrey Melnichenko who's fortune is £8.5 billions makes him the worlds 139th richest man according to Forbes. He has made his money from oil, coal, chemicals and now owns majority stakes in a fertiliser and coal producer. When he was 21 he co-fou...

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Is this the right time to go?

Yachting Seasons An important part of finding work on a superyacht is choosing the right country in which to start the search. Equally, the right season is important too. Arriving in Antibes in early January is about as useful as going to the South Pole to look for work. Most people picture a relaxing sail, gently swaying yacht accompanied by a cool breeze. This means that most passengers, owners and crew shudder at the thought of force 8 winds and being battered by 10m waves. With that in mind, at the end of a season, buzzing places will often see empty crew houses. Below states the best times to go, with the highest chance of gettting placed. The Mediterranean The season for crew usually is busy around March to May. This would be the best time to get there. It then starts to win...

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The Brightest Superyacht – 90m Moonstone

This is the superyacht for the billionaire owners who want to stand out from the crowd. Van Geest designed, built by Oceanco, and more importantly lit up by Temeloy Advanced Lighting design. The beautiful superyacht is 90m (295ft) in length. Moonstone is fitted out with 600 individually dimmable lights that at night creates a shimmering and twinkling effect. Due to the technology from Temeloy, the superyacht can evolve the colours naturally and can change to your surroundings and mood. These LED lights are totally self-sufficient with the use of 70 square metres of solar panels.                                   &n...

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Sail Through Space: Adastra

Adastra is an 140 foot Trimaran which was launched in China, built at McConaghy Boats Zhuhai Facility and designed by John Shuttleworth Design. It had taken 5 years to design and construct but now it is known as one of the world's most amazing superyachts, costing £15 million. The superyacht is 42.5 metres, with a beam of 16m long, has a maximum speed of 22.5 knots and a range of 4000 miles, has a total of 3 hulls and weighs 52 tonnes so this vessel can hold up to nine guests plus six crew members. Adastra can also be controlled by the touch of an iPad as long as you're not more than 50 metres away.                        She is built from carbon fibre with a Nomex honeycomb core, the...

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The "Smart Home" Evo 43 Yacht

The Italian Yacht brand Evo Yachts have created the Evo 43 -- The smart home yacht that changes shape with the push of a button which can either be done by your smartphone or the tablet on-board the yacht. You can control the lighting onboard, adjust the height of indoor and outdoor tables and you can open the anchor locker. The deck area will go from a standard width of 14.8 feet to an incredible 20.7 feet (40% extra space) which will allow the yacht to accommodate up to 12 people.                                                        &...

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Is This The Future Of Airborne Cruising?

  The Tetrahedron Super Yacht is conceived by architect Jonathan Schwinge who is based in London. The yacht will be designed to have 4 faces and 6 edges which provides stability and enclosure. The design itself is sharp, sleek, sophisticated and will levitate above the waterline like a spaceship in an elevated mode and will be able to travel at high speed. The design also includes side-mounted adjustable hydrofoils. At low speed the yacht will sit onto the three underbelly hulls and at high speed the hydrofoils will rotate on the lower hull which is submerged, making the triangle raise out of the water perfectly.                                          ...

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Is Yachting For You?

If you're interested in joining the yachting industry whether that's power or sail, you should be aware it's a lifestyle and not just a job. You will be travelling and practically living onboard most of the year and there are a few factors to think about before making this decision. Although seeing the world sounds appealing, are you willing to spend certain occasions away from your family? Mother's Day, Christmas Day, birthdays? On another subject, you will be told what to wear every day, you will be offered meals instead of having your own choice and are told what time to get up every morning. If you don't like the sound of this, maybe you're not the right person for the job. But let's be honest who likes to be bossed around? For many people, working on yachts is an amazing experienc...

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