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Have you got a specialist skill that you haven't mentioned?

At wilsonhalligan, we get year round requests ranging from watersports instructors, dive instructors, carpenters, assistant engineers, shipwrights, kite surf instructors, those with large tender driving experience, fishing experience, personal trainers, and even DJs! So have a think on your personal attributes and skillset, and add any relevant information to your CV. Have you had any experience with boat or car valeting, sailing, watersports, customer service, bartending or service that could help you in landing that next job?At this time of the season when many of the yachts are in the depths of guest and owners trips, it tends to get quieter from the recruitment perspective – until one morning the Owner decides he wants to try kite surfing for the first time, or one of the gues...

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Is there career progression for Spa Therapists in yachting?

Spring 2015 has seen an increase in requests for permanent spa therapists on board various size yachts, we are seeing competitive packages being offered for these positions but I am often faced with more experienced therapists saying that they would like to focus on getting service experience. They feel there is no room for promotion to the echelons of Chief Stew whilst using the beauty skills and staying in housekeeping. One candidate with three years experience as a therapist comments "I quickly realised after joining my first yacht that I had to decide which route I would take for my career, I chose to stick with my beauty therapy. I have always been in housekeeping, I don't think it is possible to be a Chief Stewardess and still offer your skills for treatments, the t...

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