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When a new vacancy comes in from a yacht the agent always enquires to how much experience is required for the position; the answers vary from boat to boat. We are seeing that at least a year on one yacht is the most popular request, but why?   This shows that the candidates are not 'fly by' they can hold down a position and stick out the hard work and long hours and also the client knows that the candidate is of serious intention and will not fly off to another opportunity at the drop of hat. It also shows something about their personality and work ethic, that you are stable and through longevity on board the owners see the face whenever they visit and can have a rapport with the crew member. The same goes for the crew, it's nice to build friendships and ...

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New blogs up for all the newbies out there, a little check list of things to do and not do whilst looking for a job

Newbie Checklist   Ok so you managed to get to Antibes, Palma etc. Here are few things to do and places to go;   Organize your cv, do one on a Word doc and one on PDF as you get asked for both by most agencies! Remember you references too very important, written ones and contacts too and of course all your certification. Menus and food photos (your food) for chefs too.  Get your photo done for your cv. Now this sounds simple but every agent will tell you different thing, whether to have the port in the back ground on what to wear etc. Generally be smart no sunglasses and limited make up for the girls and no jewellery please. The background can be plain or with the yachts. I find that people tend to squint too much out in the sun near the boats so end up with a kind...

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