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Trying to land that first job!!

I'm not sure about this whole blog thing but I just thought I would share my story...

I moved down from Falmouth, Cornwall, England nearly 2 weeks ago, to find work as a stewardess onboard a yacht this season.  It all happened so fast, and I left on a bit of an impulse if I'm honest!!  Some of my friends used words like 'brave and 'adventurous', whilst others used 'optimistic' followed by 'naieve'.. all of them were right!!  I felt I had no commitments keeping me in England, I had been single for 2 months, in between jobs, and the house I had just moved into I had to be out of in 6 weeks anyway.. so it seemed as good a time as any to take on a new and exciting adventure :-)

It is far from a holiday being here in Cannes, with little money in the bank, it is definatley solely a business trip.  Hours are spent surfing the web for jobs, creating accounts on relevant websites, contacting agencies,  and of course applying for job after job..  All in hope that just one will see your potential and give you that 'BIG BREAK' you've been waiting for.

I've lost count of how many I have applied for.. but after 2 weeks I finally got some good news!!  I have an interview onboard a 33.5 m M yacht this Monday 3/03 :-) woohoo!!  I usually interview well, so I've been told.. but this is different position to anything I have applied for, and the steaks feel higher!!  I realise it is a tough industry to get into, with the fierce competition, my lack of experience on Motor Yachts goes against me.. but I hope that I can dazzle them with my charm and be given the chance to prove my suitability for this line of work ;-)  Fingers crossed!!

I will post a blog post monday to say how my interview went..

Wish me luck!!



Clare McElhinney

Clare McElhinney @

Hey Eve, how are you getting on, I am going to head to Antibes in April:) It would be good to get some feedback from a fellow newbie,

Thanks & Best of Luck!


Mudasir Shahid

Mudasir Shahid @

nice  contact me   +923458066081

Jo czarte

Jo czarte @

Hi Eve,

I read your story! How was your interview?

I am trying to change job as well, trying to get on board, but it is becoming so hard


May I ask you how old are you? I think my problem is my age, but I do not want believe nobody can give me a chance to show what I am able to do.

Ok! Good luck for now


Eve Bruce

Eve Bruce @

Hi Clare, I got that job :-)  But unfortunately it was only temporary for Mipin.. So I am back to square one and looking for another job religiously!!  It was a great experience, and has confirmed it is what  I want to do!!  I have fallen in love with Cannes, and hope to land another job here, or near by, as I am starting to feel quite settled :-)  I am nervous it is going to take a while to find another job though, and my situation isnt ideal!!  But I have somewhere to stay and a bit of money from the job, so hopefully I will be ok!!  Let me know how you get on in Antibes, its an exciting adventure.. one that is only just beginning :-D

Kind Regards,


Eve Bruce

Eve Bruce @

Hi Mudasir.. erm can I ask why you wish me to contact you??  Do you have a possible job for me??  I am curious.. ;-)

I look forward to hearing from you.


Eve Bruce

Eve Bruce @

Hi Josephine, I turn 27 in April.. how old are you??  I have met a lot of stewardesses of all ages so I wouldnt worry about your age.  If you have a hospitality background, this really helps!!  And image is important, how you present yourself and your manner.  Goodluck with your search for work!!  How is it going so far??

Kind Regards,


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