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Tips to my 27-year-old self

When we interviewed ex Superyacht stewardess and cook Jenny Newbery, we asked what advice she would give to her 27-year-old self.

  1. Save money – don’t get sucked into the Gucci, Pucci and Prada rat race, you’ll be working in an environment where people have beautiful things. It’s very easy to get swept away with that and you’ll get big tips so you can easily fall into the trap of blowing big bucks on designer names.  My advice - think to the future and save those tips!
  2. Take advantage of the amazing places you’ll visit.Whenever you’re in port, take advantage of any opportunity to get your feet on dry land, get off the boat and look around. Go and help with the shopping, carry stuff.  I remember volunteering to carry water; lugging 2 x 6 litre packs around the port just to see Amalfi.
  3. In all likelihood you will be homesick, and you will miss out on stuff back home. Family weddings, friend’s weddings etc.  You have to accept that whilst you’re at sea, you are putting your life on hold because you’re being paid good money to be on call.  Remember it’s temporary so try to make the most of every experience.
  4. Stay real – you will be surrounded by lots of money and by association potentially drink and drugs. Be sensible, look after yourself.
  5. Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way – travel, save money for future investments, you’ll get big tips!There is good money in working the superyacht circuit and you work hard for it, so make sure that money works hard for you in return.  Keep it in a savings account, make sure you pay your tax and National Insurance contributions.  Get good advice.
  6. A bar of pink Camay soap and Ace bleach are your best friend – I remember pulling a Caraf of red wine out of a hatch and spilling it right down a flight of bright white carpeted stairs and into the master cabin – disaster! But some elbow grease, patience, Camay and Ace and I got it out, in fact it looked immaculate by the time I had finished.
  7. Remember, the better the boat, the better the conditions, the bigger the tips but also the harder the work.
  8. Above all … be smart!
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