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The Yacht Job...

Hi All.

As a member of the sealife and yachting industry, I want to share with you a small thing it may change or help you in your job and future.

As a Captain whenever I join a new vessel I feel the home atmosphere I feel the soul of the yacht. you can easily identify there is life in that place is not just a pc of Fiberglass floating and people are working on it. no no is not.

Its a lot more than that. 

Its memories / happiness / good time / travels / rough seas / calm waters  and more .

So I think every seafarer and every crew member are on that life should look at it from a different angle. Don't see it as just a job and end of the month there is some money will be given to you and that's it. you really should enjoy it and live it as if it's your house. Nothing should go wrong and nothing should not be done correctly. 

Take it as a lifestyle not as Just a JOB. 

Trust me that will change a lot of things on you towards the boat and the people who are working with you.

Happy Sailing 

Wish you Calm Waters All Times ;)

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