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Superyacht Captain develops onboard worklist app: ‘Pinpoint Works’

Pinpoint Works Explainer Video from Pinpoint Works on Vimeo.

After 3 years of development, Pinpoint Works introduces its web and mobile apps, offering a much needed revamp of the traditional worklist.

Pinpoint Works provides an alternative solution to outdated Excel spreadsheets and back-and-forth emails. Using web and mobile apps, Pinpoint Works turns your General Arrangement (GA) into a live, interactive worklist. Current clients have been using it successfully for new builds, warranty periods, paint surveys, refits and general day-to-day maintenance. 

James Stockdale, CEO and Founder of Pinpoint Works, is a yacht Captain and long-time crew member. Having seen his fair share of shipyards, he recognized the need for a better system of tracking work onboard, but couldn’t find a suitable alternative. So he decided to develop it himself.

“It was during the final phases of a new build in 2013 I noticed a lack of communication between the crew, management, shipyard and contractors," said Stockdale. "We had a system in place that combined Excel and Access, but these worklists lacked detail and became quickly outdated. Information was frequently lost in multiple emails bouncing back and forth and, as a result, items were missed or left to the last minute. The whole process was often confusing, inefficient and frustrating.” 

Stockdale understands the importance of good organization and clear communication. His aim is to share the benefits of Pinpoint Works with other industry professionals.

“Having used Pinpoint Works on a new build and subsequent warranty period myself, I’m very excited about its potential and look forward to spreading the word throughout the yachting industry,” Stockdale said. 

To streamline the organization of your next yard period, make an appointment with James at james@pinpointworks.com or call +44.7980.164.643. Pinpoint Works is currently being demoed online.

About Pinpoint Works

Pinpoint Works is a web and mobile app which turns your GA into a live, interactive worklist. Log items on-the-go while adding descriptions, photos, videos, and an exact location. Share only the relevant information with other users by setting their permission levels and inviting them to your site. Track your worklists in real-time, reducing confusion and increasing accountability. Communicate with crew, management and contractors to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Log, share, track and communicate with Pinpoint Works. 

For further information: info@pinpointworks.com / www.pinpointworks.com / www.facebook.com/pinpointworks

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