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New blogs up for all the newbies out there, a little check list of things to do and not do whilst looking for a job

Newbie Checklist

Ok so you managed to get to Antibes, Palma etc. Here are few things to do and places to go;

  1. Organize your cv, do one on a Word doc and one on PDF as you get asked for both by most agencies! Remember you references too very important, written ones and contacts too and of course all your certification. Menus and food photos (your food) for chefs too.
  2.  Get your photo done for your cv. Now this sounds simple but every agent will tell you different thing, whether to have the port in the back ground on what to wear etc. Generally be smart no sunglasses and limited make up for the girls and no jewellery please. The background can be plain or with the yachts. I find that people tend to squint too much out in the sun near the boats so end up with a kind of grimace which is not a good look.  Don’t forget its not a passport photo so do please smile! Uniform style clothes are best for the boys, smart polo etc and for the girls the same. I think it’s nice for the chefs to wear their whites.
  3. Go visit the agencies face to face don’t just register on line. It’s better for the agent and yourself. Dress smartly and be polite. This gives the agent an idea of your enthusiasm for the industry and your personality so can place you in the right position. Do not be over arrogant or think you know it all as generally you don’t, listen to the comments and advice given as they know the industry in and out and we have been around a lot longer than most of you. Make sure you think before you speak. Do tryu to relax and be normal, I know its easier said than done sometimes but if you are relaxed we can see your best side and your great personalities!
  4. Get dock walking, go to the small boats too as they are more likely to give you a chance and don’t use the agencies as much as don’t have the big budgets. Don’t forget the smaller ports too and try to travel as much as you can.
  5. Please DO NOT approach a yacht if they have guests on board, tell tale signs are flowers on the aft deck table and the crew dressed very smartly and standing in service on the aft deck or passeralle. Just think before approaching, it would be like someone unwanted walking in to your living room!
  6. Register with the online agencies too, they are new to the industry but do have plenty of jobs to offer and as ourselves we are using, posting our vacancies and promoting our service on there too.
  7.  Please don’t get drunk, be abusive or arrogant in pubs, bars and clubs. Surely you can have a good time without getting completely out of your head, its embarrassing. You are here to find work and you never know if on the next table is a captain or owner. Please respect the country you are visiting and the locals.
  8. Remember this industry in comparatively small and its amazing how stupid crew can be sometimes, ie postings on Facebook etc of their antics. We all talk to each other!
  9. Keep an eye on your valuables. You can be easy pickings to the local gangs. Don’t go flashing off your phone and your watch etc, be discreet and always walk home in a group. Please don’t walk around the towns in the summer, bare chested or with just a bikini, the local’s and police don’t like it and you may get fined.

There you go, I hope you find the perfect position quickly and have a fabulous summer season, the world is your oyster and with determination, experience and good references you will go far.

Tara Bromhead – Silver Swan Yacht Recruitment


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