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My thoughts

I grew up in a small village in the south of Germany surrounded by mountains and lakes. 

My childhood revolved around hikes with family and friends where I learnt to appreciate the natural world around me. 

For me, family is what has kept me grounded to this day, where my roots go deep into compassion and kindness towards others. 

It is important to remember that life is a balance of give and take - between humans, animals and the environment.

What is a balance to you? 

To me a balance of friendship and family is an atmosphere that can not be compared. I mean, many of us work and live halfway across the world from the dear people we grew up with, so creating a family away from home keeps us close and mutual respect and sympathy towards each of us is formed. 

I make it my goal to develop a friendship with the people around me, to get to know them as well as to better understand the person in front of me. Remember there's always a reason behind people's actions and attitudes - We are all living busy lives. We all have ups and downs-which is where the friends and boat family become a motivational force behind keeping us up and making us stronger, as a team, together. A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link! 

What is motivation to you? 

Motivating others, motivates me! Because of that, the people around me are happy which in turn makes me happy and even more motivated, so the circle of motivation keeps on turning. 

Happy crew = Happy guests! 

On a personal note, my passion and my dreams are my motivation.

What are your passions and dreams?

To have a passion and following a dream is really important in a person's life. Not only the end goal, but steps and hurdles in between now and then that are foreseen and around blind corners creates a sense of accomplishment and self worth on your way to your dream. 

My passion is being creative in many ways. I bring creativity into almost all aspects of my life. In my personal life I enjoy designing and knitting my own clothes and when it comes to work, I create my own recipes for foods and beverages to add a small detail in the spirit of making a big difference to my creations for guests.

Working at sea has always been my dream since I started in the hospitality industry 16 years ago. Now I get to follow my dream and live my passions, meeting and making great friends and I get to see the most beautiful places in this incredible world along way. 

The world out there has so much to show us, it is only up to us to appreciate the splendour she has to offer. 

Do you actively care for the environment?

The wellbeing of the environment plays a big role in my life as a stewardess and this should be the case for everybody out there. Our boats use and dispose of a large amount of trash, a lot of which is recyclable! 

A few easy ways to start making a change on board is to have glass refillable bottles for guests and crew and a filtered water station instead of plastic bottled water. Leave plastic straws in the past. Buy recycled paper towels and toilet paper. Although when it comes to toilet paper at the moment, take what you can get! 

My Motto is  "we're all on the same boat" 

So respect everyone & everything around you and treat them how you would like to be treated. 

Remember, we are all like Snowflakes, all different in our own beautiful way. 

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