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My Careers

I am very happy to find this website (yotspot). I\'ll share a little story about my life experiences.
I graduated from college Diploma from the Department of Agricultural Engineering, 1994. 4 years I am looking for a job while working at a computer rental. Not a regular job that I got but my business went bankrupt because of the financial crisis in Indonesia in 1998.
I was desperate but God provides another avenue that was not me guessing. My brother in law took work on cruise ships of Celebrity Cruises. Application I ask just wait four months of my interview and finally left for the USA on 29 October 1999. The position of my first contract as cliner and on my second contract was appointed as asst. attd stateroom.
Exams life happened to me back in 2010 the ex-wife asked for a divorce and child of the (Naval Setia Wardana) joined ex-wife. Devastated at the time but I still have the passion to continue work on the ship until April 18, 2011. I decided to retire at that time because of the pressure of family problems.
Retired from my ship remarried and blessed with a daughter (Afifah Laila Anggraini). I am currently working in Graha Hotel (housekeeping supervisor position) where I was staying. A small salary is not enough for their daily needs.
Through this article I hope they are given the opportunity to work back on the ship. I will vigorously and diligently as I used to work on cruise ships Celebrity cruises were rarely get complaints.

The good news from my yotspot forward. If there is something lacking in my application to be notified (confirmation). Thanks regards success always.

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