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LUIS EDUARDO PARRA GALINDO parrincol@gmail.com

+573188162997 +573014550011

Urb. Paragüitas MZ 7J – Floridablanca Santander Colombia

I Am a person activist of the defence of the nature and of the animals, the human rights and the tolerance between people, have had the opportunity to work with people of a lot of parts of the world and visit a lot of countries by questions of my work. What allows me integrate me with ease to teams of work where there are several nationalities, loves me the  work under pressure since I develop it with a lot of ease, love me the challenges and the extreme adventures, about the music loves me the alternative music like the irrigated and the Italian pop, in the foods love all what do but my favourite are the pastes and the food vegetaría, my hobbies are the fishing, the classical music and travel by all the world and know new cultures. I love the photography and the activities of volunteering and work with vulnerable communities like the Boys and the youngsters, master all what have to see with aquatic sports am apathetic to the sports or activities that have to see with the use of animals for such end. Have an excellent state of health and medical certificates to the day . 

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