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Keeping Fit Onboard a Superyacht

Paul Edmonds, superyacht Captain turned GB Triathlete gives his top tips for keeping fit whilst working onboard superyachts:

  • Set yourself a goal. Whether it’s a race or event, you need something to train for and get you out the door when your motivation is low.
  • Plan ahead. Think about when your breaks will be over the coming days/weeks and work out when you’ll be able to fit in exercise.  Could be anything, for example: a swim, cycle, run, yoga etc.
  • Make it a community affair! Find other people to train with, whether it’s on your yacht or on the one docked next to you. If you’ve committed to meet on the dock for a morning run, it’s harder to wriggle out of it if you know someone’s waiting for you!
  • Commit to something together - it’s more of a commitment and fun too! Not just motivating, but bonding for crew members too, so find a common goal between you.  Why not get a few of you to sign up for an event? That way you can all train together, maybe set up a twice weekly running group?
  • Use the onboard gym if you can – it’s obviously very much at the discretion of the owner and Captain (remember it’s not your boat!) but there might be a rowing machine or ‘turbo trainer’ bike you can have access to.
  • Make the most of what you have available. You can do an effective full body workout with just body weight or simple dumbbells.
  • Find alternatives - we’d often find that crew would set up a regular yoga session on the sun deck. An hour’s yoga is a great way to start the day.
  • Exercise safely – remember to take advice or talk to a coach about the best way to exercise so you don’t injure yourself.
  • Healthy eating – even though you might not have much free time, try to combine exercise with a healthy diet, that way you’ll see the benefits of exercise quicker and for longer.
  • Warm up and stretch regularly – make stretching part of your exercise routine to keep yourself from stiffening up and protect those muscles.
  • Most of all – have fun!

For more information visit www.echeloncycling.co.ukor email ride@echeloncycling.co.uk

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