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Hi, I am known as the juice chef, I was in the hospital not too long ago, I was worn out, stressed and drinking and (2014 - I added more stress, I became more of an emergency, remote relief chef for 50m+ vessels. This plus the new love of my life, I was spiralling down. I landed up meeting a person that has become a huge impact in my life, she showed me yoga and meditation (Me, I laughed - what yoga, juice, no smoking or drink, yeah right.) so we made a deal, if I did what she said, I would be off my anxiety if she helped structure my jobs and lifestyle with added water intake, juice, meditation and everything that was not me.

Today I am a non-drinker, non-smoker - practice a zero drug policy ( including prescription and daily headache tables, in other words, no chemicals)I meditate at least every day where possible, I research a lot and write lots, I started discovering this lifestyle which to this day is practised regimentally.

Part of this I offer advice on mental & emotional exhaustion, I am ADHD, I was on prescribed medication, for 13 years, I have managed to change that with juicing. if you follow limechilli on Fb you will see I copy and paste articles, I write my own and I post for friends, various recipes, focused around the core of 'the green juice' as the basis (this does vary).

I speak a lot with crew coaches and life coaches, I am on a program that is paid for by an Australian government grant, focus on PTSD, Suicides and mental wellness. I off articles on juicing and how this will change your life. 

Funny as some people say -yachting is a bad mix of social life, drinking and drugs. This is not yachting this is normal. I was asked by an agent once, mark you juice and do salads and healthy - did yachting get to you. I was NO, life did, we make the paths and eventually somewhere it goes south, I don't care what people say about yachting as it is not true, I grew up in the kitchen of London, drugs where rife, in fact, there was a joke on the chef scene,' if drugs were totally banned (did not exist) that hotels and eateries food establishments will close and not exist. On this note I was fortunate to get the outstanding chance to meet Chef Antony Bourdain, actually, he referred himself to a cook, at 44 he was deep-frying chips at the restaurant Les Halles, NYC, I got to meet him at the CNN studios L.A. we did lunch and we chatted for a while - one topic that was spoken about was drugs and the need for the stay awake and on your game drug. What he told me was very interesting (all in his book). He was in rehab and tried to get help numerous times. He then spoke about the physical and mental side of being a cook/chef. 

It was a very hardcore discussion about the pressure, the long hours and the work ethic, chefs where once criminals and the ones out of jail, I have seen this throughout my career as a chef, the stress and the pain and effort one puts into the food for your guests and just for a THANK YOU. The last is, you either a chef or you not, like marmite, you like it or hate it.

Now as for juicingh I told chef Anthony to try and get into it, I will never know if he tried. However I have proven tomyself that you can change your lifestyle, the number one thing is - you don't need litres of juice, 200ml 2x times a day is perfect. Try it and see ( yes you will need to do it for 2 weeks to see results + give up the bad stuff and get the sleep in, chefs are known to not sleep.

So go get a juice made up - Ask the chef to do it even just eat fresh fruit. Yum

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