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Joining the yachting world is not easy at all

I am an officer working onboard Tankers, the most complicated and inspected ships after Gas Carriers. 

After a couple of years trying to join this fantastic world I assumed that there is something that people might not understand. First of all, I was sure that with my sole watch  and mooring team leader skills I would be very competitive in the yachting market and that joining as officer, maybe with some trainer on my side, would not be so hard, I was totally wrong, recruiters do not even look at my profile "yatching experience is a must".

On board Tankers every day you wake up with the same rank you had the day before but during the same day you will probably do something that you never heard about, together with Master, Chief Engineer, Electrician or alone, something that you find by yourself, stepping on it or hitting it with an arm and asking to yourself, "who did put this here?" 

At this point your question will be "why this guy is blaming the entire yachting world comparing his current job that he wants to change? because yachting world has different standards, salaries, way of spending the working time, it makes you enjoy your job more than my current job on tankers does. I have a couple of friends working on board yachts and what I heard from them is my dream job.

Now, is there somebody that can prove me wrong and wants to speak about that? 



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