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In every hardships there will always be true friendships

Become a seafarer has never been easy for most of the people. The distance which separates us from our family has become the biggest obsticle among other obsticles, but the salary and luxury after the job that have been promised always triggering so many people to do the sea service. Land job become less promising compare to how much money will a seafarer be earning to live at sea. For some people whom never experience it before, they will be finding such a hardship to have life at sea. If life becomes harder at sea, there is no place to go just to free the stress, that is one example you can conclude easily. While working on land, you can always have spot or place to go to stress free.

This is one good reason why a seafarer needs to find a friend or colleague to share hardships or stories. Sometimes a friend will come up accidentally but most of the time a seafare has to dig it deeply. People who are working onboard the vessel have their own goals, their own Idea of how to get their goals done. Competitions among crew members are inevitable. By digging deep and through lifetime experience true friend or friendship will be revealed by itself.

A friend whom always there for you on your deepest darkest time and a friend whom always watch your back on your prime time! A genuine sincere friendship is not easily to find but once you have found it, never let it go!