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Have you got a specialist skill that you haven't mentioned?

At wilsonhalligan, we get year round requests ranging from watersports instructors, dive instructors, carpenters, assistant engineers, shipwrights, kite surf instructors, those with large tender driving experience, fishing experience, personal trainers, and even DJs! So have a think on your personal attributes and skillset, and add any relevant information to your CV. Have you had any experience with boat or car valeting, sailing, watersports, customer service, bartending or service that could help you in landing that next job?

At this time of the season when many of the yachts are in the depths of guest and owners trips, it tends to get quieter from the recruitment perspective – until one morning the Owner decides he wants to try kite surfing for the first time, or one of the guests starts showing an interest learning to dive, or the sole tender driver gets injured and has to fly home, meaning they need someone to replace him…today!

Working hard and keeping up with work, emails, talking to family, catching up with your mate that you worked with last year, seeing that new movie when you have one afternoon off, or just catching a few rays on the beach can mean that you go from one month to the next without stopping for a quick second to think about your future. This is understandable in the yachting industry where your plans for the day can change at the drop of a hat - however it is good to always be thinking about what will make you more employable for the future. Is there is something perhaps missing on your CV that you’ve forgotten to mention? Have you done any further certifications or courses to add to your skillset this year? Perhaps you were lucky enough to get put through a course or two on your last boat. With the new legislation which is coming through, there are more and more requirements for crew to have certificates ranging from the designated security duties, to the tender operators’ course. We appreciate it may be difficult to keep up to date with this, so feel free to get in touch if you are unsure about any of the requirements.

Next time you have a spare five minutes, have a good look through your CV – if you did a PADI diving course on your leave, or you have built up your kite surfing experience, don’t be shy about adding these to your CV. Keep us updated if there is anything you would like added to your profile – this in turn will help us to help you get that next great job!

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