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Hat Overboard!

Another beautiful day out on the water while training for my Powerboat Level 2 certificate. I was very surprised by my fellow mates for the course when they were kind enough for me to have the trainer and boat all to myself, allowing me to develop my confidence and respect for handling the tender.

being new to everything boats and yachting I tried to absorb all the information like a dry sponge. My trainers shared many stories with me and I was able to ask alot of questions in regard to just about everything. I learned that the trainers dog is good friends with a billionaire, and report the location of a tagged manatee pod to the wildlife protection agency.

At the beginning of the days journey the trainer and I joked about my hat not having a strap to hold my hat down onto my head. That thought stuck in the back of my mind when it suddenly came back up when we had reached the open waters to do a man overboard scenario. I began to be conscious of my hat as we bounced lightly over a few waves with the air rushing past me flaring up my hat lifting it like a kite. I reached up with one hand to tighten it down and leaned a bit forward to reduce the upward draft that that had begun to build up. Moments later a sudden gust rose up off one of the large waves and pulled my hat off into the water with it. jokingly I shouted, "Hat overboard." My trainer quickly took note and kept his eye on it for me to turn about and retrieve it. Fortunately, my hat seems to float quite well and it gave me a chance to rescue a vital part of our crew.

It was a joy to have such good trainers and gain extra tender time. I hope my journey forward will continue to provide an abundance of positive experiences and to find a spot on board a boat.

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