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Happy Crew make Great Crew!

Working on superyachts can be anything from hard work to exhilarating, great fun to utterly exhausting and frustrating!  With exacting standards and well-established protocol to follow, you’ll learn loads of new skills and get pushed to the limit! But there’s no two ways about it, sometimes living and working in a confined space with a bunch of strangers, of differing ages, experience, backgrounds, culture and attitude can sometimes be testing.

With mental health at the forefront of our minds, Captains and Owners are shipping in the experts to mentor and trouble-shoot, sorting out any crew problems, dispelling the old-school myths and empowering stewards and First Officers to bring on their crew, giving them the skills whether it’s; silver service, table planning and decoration, organising ahead, attention to detail, multi-tasking, skills every individual will find invaluable if one day they leave the superyacht industry and work ashore.

We’ve been chatting to Vanessa Hodgson and the team over at Impact Crew, who train and develop leaders of all levels in the superyacht industry, worldwide.

They help crew develop personally, wherever they are in the pecking order, even providing future careers advice and coaching.

The crew turnover survey conducted by Impact Crew found that 50% of crew thought morale and personality clashes had a direct impact on team performance and atmosphere on board.   So, rather than allowing internal politics and personal situations to fester, these guys come in, identify and address the issues, reviewing and improving crew morale, performance and retention.

The exacting standards of the industry, and at times,old-school hierarchy can make it tricky for ‘newbies’ to develop personally and want to move up the ranks.  However, inspiration and relief comes in the form of Vanessa, and the team at Impact Crew, who not only make you feel anything is possible, they’ll empower you to achieve it too!  Giving crew little nuggets like individual training for improved performance, tips on how to help diffuse tension in an escalating situation, how best to approach a problem, when to step back, speak up or bring in a mediator.  Vanessa explained “I’m known as Nagging Ness because I’m always there for them, checking up that all’s OK, at end of the phone or via Facebook giving crew support, empowering them in their roles.”

With an increasing openness to mental health discussions and the recent #AskTwice campaign we need to do more in the superyacht industry to help one another, work together and ask questions so together we perform better.

Now doesn’t that sound like a dream team!

For more information contact Karen Passman @ https://www.impactcrew.com

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