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Give give give... any time for receiving?

As yachties we all know what its like to give so much of yourself to the job, to your crew and your guests and then feel that there is no time left for you. Its hard to keep your head in order, your body feeling good and your emotions in control!

Of course its not all bad, we wouldn't do it if it was. I mean what other job takes you to some of them most beautiful and exclusive places on the planet and all while getting paid a very decent salary!? You work in a team, building tight friendships, you basically stay forever young, affording travel and luxuries in your time off, pretty much not ever having to face the realities of ‘real’ life!

But the flip side of all that is the intensity of the job. Whether you are a stew, a chef, a deckie, mate, engineer or captain there will be times when you question is it all worth it? You basically put your life on hold to be in service to others, not just the guests but the crew around you. After all each crew member is heavily reliant on another for the smooth running of your job and your life.

That's quite heavy really, because, mid season, when people are tired, frustrated, have cabin fever etc, crew relationships are tested. You as an individual are tested. The feelings of not being in control come in, lets face it there are a lot of elements where you are not in control. What you eat, where you go, what time you can break, etc etc. But does it have to be like this, are there are areas that you can take control back?

Two ex yachties are hoping they can help. They say there are ways to take control and create time for yourself making sure your health, general wellness and happiness doesn’t suffer during a busy charter season. You just need to be given the tools and support to do it while working in this environment.

Unlocked Living’s Kate Munro Boot & Wellness Gypsy’s Gillian Kennedy have joined forces to support women in yachting by creating the Summer Sanity Survival Coaching Program. 

Having only recently left the yachting industry full time, they still have a fresh understanding of how much you have to give of yourself in order to be successful within the super yachting world. During the winter seasons, in between yachting jobs and continually, they both independently are studying hard to further their careers making a transition to the health, wellness and life coaching industry. They have created a support program that combines their newly acquired knowledge with what they know would be so useful to understand to get through a season with ease and respect of a woman's body and mind.

'We know all too well what impact a busy charter season can do to your mental, physical and spiritual wellness. So with our intention to help busy yachtie women in mind, we have developed a 1 week programme to facilitate a holistic positive change in the general wellness and happiness of these women" says Kate, an ex yacht chef, now yoga teacher and trainee transformational (love your) life coach.

The 7 day programme includes daily advice, support and guidance, yoga routines, meditation guidance, mindfulness techniques, healthy snack recipes and exercises, all tailored to working and living on a yacht. It also includes a 1 hour 1:1 coaching session with each of the girls. All the support will be available to come back to whenever required so the clients can use this as a continuous resource whenever they feel the need. 

Wellness and Lifestyle coach, Gillian says, "It is intended to solely help the user remain healthy and in the best position to do their job and live a happy life."

If you are interested in the program go to http://www.unlockedliving.com/summer-coaching-programme 

The girls are also giving away a free wellness ebook and 5 minute yoga sequence that anyone can use.

To download it go to http://www.unlockedliving.com/yachtie-girls-survival-pack and join the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1830627233832051/

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