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E-bikes with style and versatility.

A superyacht might the perfect way to travel the world, but the electric bike is a quick and easy way to get about once you’ve arrived.  Either around the marina, into town for supplies or checking out the location.

This increasingly popular method of electric transport comes in a range of styles, sizes and offers varied performance, convenience and flexibility.  When folded, they’re ideal for stowage in the cockpit locker, lazarette or tender garage.

With the combined advances in lithium iron batteries and mobile app technology, electric bikes can convert to the battery power once you pedal, maintain momentum when you’ve had enough pedal power and can even be controlled via an app on your smart phone.

The Vello Bike for example, a lightweight (12kg) compact, electric folding bike.  The battery charges while you pedal, so you can ride forever without having to stop and recharge, select different power modes once you’ve connected to bluetooth via your phone, track your route or lock the motor, rendering it useless to thieves!  This high-performance folding bike looks just like a full-size bike, conveniently folds and rolls in a second and folds even smaller to ultra compact.

The cruiser’s benchmark (also the commuter’s favourite) is the Brompton bike, you’ll find this one in the cockpit locker of a lot of cruising yachts around the world.

If money’s no option and you’ve got the space on board to store it, go for Gocycle (www.gocycle.com) a beautifully engineered but lightweight electric bike, again controlled via an app so you can vary pace and assistance.  This one is nice to ride and has a high quality feel, although folding it is more a case of dismantling.  Once you’ve got to grips with it, it'll take you less than 5 mins and packs away in a smart bag for neat stowage in the tender garage.

A cheaper model of electric bike is the Secret from www.kudoscycles.com although not as light as Gocycle, weighing in at 19kg, it’s easy to ride, runs off a 36 volt lithium iron battery stored in the frame, is simple to use with 3 levels of assistance and 6 speed gear shift, so it cycles well without electric power, folding up and easy to stow.

Woosh (wooshbikes.co.uk) produce a smaller bike, the Gallego, not suited to a long ride, but with 3 stages of power it’s surprisingly quick with good acceleration, a comfy saddle, and packs away neatly.  Ideal range between 2-3 miles so perfect if town is a short ride from the marina, but not the bike of choice if you’re hoping for a 20 mile cycle uphill.

For an electric bike with a further range, go for one with an extra-long-range battery, www.wisperbikes.com produce a bike with a sturdy frame and a comfortable cycling range of up to 50 miles.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get around the port, with the option to pedal or not, take a look at the exciting new generation of electric bikes on offer.

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