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“We can’t choose where we come from, but we can choose where we can go from there”

(A kind note for whoever reads this article: please read it as if I am talking as a friend and yes I am very humurous.)

Travelling has been almost everybody’s dream but as for seafarers, it has been a dream and an obligation. 

Life at sea is such a bliss but sometimes when circumstances don’t play fair, we may also say it is also a burden. Especially when we have to work and smile even though physically, emotionally and mentally we are drained. (Oh wait, also financially)

I have been in my seafaring career for almost only four years. Starting from when I finished my University, until now. And well honestly I am still looking for another Yacht right now with the right and nice team and family in which would let me stay for the rest of my life until my hair grows white (haha). As you can see, life as a stewardess or life of a seafarer has never been easy. We are the kind of people who stay away from our loved ones inorder to earn and to sacrifice for our family’s future. We  are also the ones who dare to sail and face rough seas just to prove that we can carry out a top notch service eventhough boxes of sea sickness pills have been taken just to fight againsts the puking monstrosity. Some people think of us that life onboard is sweet but never do they know that behind of it all are also sweat and tears. Imagine, we do not have a constant wifi connection, we could not upload beautiful pictures of our beautiful faces and sceneries. Haha. But kidding aside, we really do not have all the freedom that we want. Our schedules and overtimes are sometimes unexplainable, there are conflicts with the crews, “faithfulness” of others especially with relationships are being tested, problem with visas and there are serious situations that sometimes we could not really avoid to happen and the list goes on and on. Sometimes, after having a holiday, some of us are very uncertain if we still have a yacht to return to and then the waiting game begins for looking another job on a yacht.

Despite all of this disadvantages, if given the right chance and opportunity, life onboard is also a blessing. Why? It is simply because we could travel and see the world. We meet alot of nationalities, we make connections, friendship, enemies (oh! that strongly belong to the disadvantage), we make other people happy with our service, and if even luckier, some crew meet their better halves and most importantly we become tough because of all the challenges that we faced. We become a better person. 

In any aspect of our lives and of our chosen careers, there are always the disadvantages and advantages in which we can also learn, overcome and flourish. We just have to choose which part is worth sacrificing. 

Yet again from a famous quote of Stephen Chbosky,”We can’t choose where we come from but we can choose where we can go from there”.

Thank you for reading. This has been ever so trully, 2nd Stewardess, Jezeil Lyn from the Philippines. 

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