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2nd Engineer(or Engineer)


Driving license B-1 Available immediately. Handsome, patient, meticulous and hard working. Good presence. My specialties and work areas are troubleshooting and diagnose the unscheduled variation in mechanical, electrical and instrumentation and control system and taking corrective measures. Highly skilled on hands-on experience in maintenance of the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control equipment. Practicing basic workshop skill such as the use of lathe, drill, milling machine and welding equipment, and even to interpret technical drawing and prepare report and documentation.


Planning and development of courses leisure cultural activities for youth councils in the region. Extensive experience in Windows OS and PC & laptop hardware. Repair and assembly of electronic equipment. Honors in the final project. With the development and implementation of a virtual instrument for measurement of harmonics in the electrical network of vessels. Construction of a portable device for monitoring the quality thereof. Hobbies: water ponds, modeling, robotics and electronics.


  • Professional Yachting Experience: 0 - 6 months
None Little Some Quite Alot Extensive Type
  • Motor Extensive Professional
  • Commercial Extensive Professional

Detailed Experience

Start DateEnd DateYachtLengthPositionCompany
14-02-200904-07-2009MADO (Merchant Vessel)ENG. CADET Naftomar. Greece.
07-01-201006-04-2010OPDR CANARIAS (Merchant Vessel) ENG. CADET OPDR. Hamburg.


  • General Qualifications: STCW 95 (STCW 2010)ENG 1 (Medical - NO Limitation/Restrictions)Criminal Records Bureau Check (UK Only)Full Driving License (International)
  • Engineering Qualifications (or Merchant, USCG & AMSA equivalent): MCA AEC CertificateRIII/3 Y3 (<500gt <3000kw) - Chief EngineerRIII/2 Y2 (<3000gt <3000kw) - Chief EngineerRIII/2 Y1 (<3000gt <9000kw) - Chief Engineer

Deck Skills

None Novice Average Good Proficient
  • Cleaning & Detailing Very Good
  • Painting Very Good
  • ISM/ ISPS Procedures Experience
  • Varnishing Novice
  • Filling & Fairing Novice
  • Carpentry Very Good
  • General Repairs & Maintenance Very Good
  • Crane Operation Novice
  • Watchkeeping Very Good

Interior Skills

None Novice Average Good Proficient
  • Hospitality Novice
  • Provisioning Novice
  • Laundry & Housekeeping Novice

Culinary Skills

None Novice Average Good Proficient
  • Spanish Novice